Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Direction?

I've been having a hard time deciding whether I really have a reason to keep blogging. While I'm as plugged into politics as ever, I really don't have the expertise to justify opining about much, and Facebook has really become my venue for the daily heylookitthats. For that matter, my blog reliably gets more comments on Facebook than on the website. So instead of kicking myself that I really ought to be commenting on this or that world event (cough cough Egypt cough), I'm going to be blogging things that do matter to me personally: daily life observations, recipes, projects I'm working on around the house, that sort of thing. Dretful scorn will, of course, continue to be in the offing. It'll still be irregular and haphazard, but that's life.


Kristina said...

Nice! I'm excited to read your recipes :)

Bruce Gee said...

Yes, I've been going through this with my own blog. I think we lose sight of to whom we are writing. We shoot these postings out into cyberspace and are never sure, unless we say something complimentary about the Pope (egad, never again!), who is reading or who cares.
It helps to have some themes lines up, both for one's own sense of order and your reader's expectations and sanity. But that really wouldn't be as much fun, eh?

I predict: you'll soon enough find yourself posting political stuff once again. C'mon Evan. You won't be able to help yourself. Better yet, I foresee some blog posts comparing and contrasting business school pickings and the military. Can't wait.