Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wasting Time

For the first time in, oh, two years or so, I've got more time than I know what to do with for a few weeks. So I finally get to spend as much time as I want sitting at the computer, drinking the beverage of the hour (getting 'bout time to trade coffee for beer), and staring at optical illusions, for example. Hat tip Shane.

I like this illusion a lot. The same thing happens if you've ever stared out the window while sitting in a rear-facing seat on a high-speed train. When the train comes to a stop, the entire world appears to be approaching you. It's unsettling until you realize what's happening. Strangely, the effect isn't reversed by watching things approach. Our brains are apparently hardwired for moving forward.

This one is downright unsettling to me for some reason.

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