Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lieberman On Obama

The Wall Street Journal has published an editorial by independent Democrat (and one still worthy of the name) Joseph Lieberman, adapted from a speech he presented May 18 to Commentary magazine. In it he addresses the (historically aberrant) McGovernite trend in Democratic foreign policy and its unfortunate resurgence in the post-9/11 Democratic party and particularly in the person of Barack Obama. He deconstructs Obama's fallacious historical justifications for the gaffe-become-doctrine of unconditional meetings with foreign tyrants. It's good stuff.


Shane said...

I'm probably gonna type up a response to this point of view by the end of the weekend. Can't do it now - I'm heading out. Maybe I'll email it or post it to my own blog if it's too long to really work in the comments.

But as a preview, I think Sen. Lieberman is dramatically misreading history and Obama's position, and that refusing to engage in discussions has been disastrous for American policy. Also, I will be mentioning Nixon and China.

Elephantschild said...

If engaging in discussions is "good," how come everybody wrings their hands when Bush talks to the Saudis?

I'm a mental midget among giants commenting here, so humor me.