Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Vista

I'll either be buying or building myself a new desktop computer sometime in the next month or three, and I'm already debating whether (assuming I don't take the Mac plunge) to install Windows Vista on my new machine, or just stick with good ole' XP. I think Jeffrey Rowland may have convinced me:
I wasn't sure exactly why everyone was so angry at Windows Vista until I actually tried to use it for an actual, real-world reason. This god dang thing sucks, y'all. It's like somebody just took a good-lookin' car that ran good and there was nothing wrong with it, and they came in and screwed a bunch of fancy-looking crap to it and redid the wiring so none of the gauges or lights work. They put some fancy, spinny rims on it but crap gets stuck in them and the tires go flat all the time. And then it assumes you're an idiot so it constant ask you things like "are you sure you want to change the radio station?" Oh look, the cupholder just broke off because the radio is too shiny. Wait, the cupholder came original with the car. Hopefully in a couple of years they'll make a cupholder that I can replace it with; until then I'll hold the beer between my legs.
If you didn't notice the fine-print on the comic, it says "Microsoft Vista was invented because of a bet between Bill Gates and the Pope to see if it could just completely put people off of computers for good."


Elephantschild said...

Does this mean that my computer is going to 'splode?

Then again, I haven't tried doing anything fancy w/ my Vista system.

Hannah said...

I have XP, even though the computer is new. Ordering from parts is clearly superior. :)

Shane said...

Didn't you try Ubuntu out like a year ago? You didn't stick with it?

My next computer will probably be one of those Dells with Ubuntu preinstalled - that way I won't have to worry about hardware issues.

Shane said...

Oh and just to add - from what I hear Vista isn't so bad if you decide to, you know, spend more than $1000 on a desktop or $1800 on a laptop.

But then that's approximately twice what I would spend on either if I were in the market.