Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Matthew Yglesias blogs about turkey over at the Internet Food Association, arguing (with considerably validity) that turkey just isn't that great of a meat, period, regardless of all the foodies trying to figure out ways to make it better. He argues that the reason for this is that the breeding of commercial turkeys has focused on exactly one factor: size. I buy that this might be true, but I'm not willing to accept his argument that the best response is just to give up on turkey and serve something else for Thanksgiving. There must be sources of naturally-raised turkeys from traditional breeds. I'd like to give one a try before I give up on turkey entirely.

Oh yeah, and I'm thankful for stuff. But I don't think I really need an allotted day to acknowledge that.

UPDATE 27NOV08 2352: Yepp, there are heritage turkeys out there. No word on how pricey, but they do exist.

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Elephantschild said...

I wonder how many of the Local Food people really want a farm of really ugly, noisy turkeys on their block.

I had free-range chicken at Whole Foods over the weekend. Guess what?

It tasted "farm-ey."

It wasn't nearly as good as my friend Melody's semi-contained, non-antibiotic natural feed birds!