Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best Thing Ever (Yet): Ukrainian Army Recruitment Video

While the current US Army recruitment campaign continues to blather on about building true virtue, with videos exploring the theme of "strength" to a soul-stirring martial soundtrack, the Ukrainian military has apparently decided to go for a slightly less nuanced approach: being in the Army counts bigtime with the ladies:


Girl 1: would you take us for a ride on your BMW?
BMW-driver: even to the end of the world!
Soldier: hey, I'd like to down some vodka, girls!
Girl 1: just a second!
Girl 2: where do you live?
Soldier: right here- daytime at work, and at night in the clubs!
Girl 1: which work?
Soldier: contract of course!
Blonde girl: contract? marriage contract or what?
Girl 3: army contract, stupid!
BMW driver: hey, don't you wanna ride in my car?
Girls: forget it, take yourself for a ride!
Narrator: it's about time for new heroes! with contract based service in the Ukrainian armed forces!