Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dretful Scorn

If only we had politicians who could stand up and give a browbeating like this (HT Strange Herring):

I aspire some day to achieve Daniel Hannan's mastery of dretful scorn. Is there any way we could lure this guy over here? Maybe we can offer him asylum if Britain sinks beneath the waves, as seems likelier by the day.


Elephantschild said...

It's also masterful because of his use of clear, concise, understandable English, refreshingly free of jargon and pol-speak. Bravo.

(The clipped and clean accent sure doesn't hurt, either.)

Jane said...

I saw him on Cavuto yesterday and he was impressive in the interview, too.

Melody said...

I am not a political person; I am a bear of little brain. But it seems that we have a second problem here, besides not having a politician who CAN stand up and deliver such a speech. It's that, what if one did? Wouldn't he/she be a small-minded rabble-rouser with no team-playing abilities?
And, EC, I hear you on the accent. You could agree with almost anything if it were delivered with that accent! :)