Thursday, April 16, 2009

Last Tea Party Post, I Promise

We've seen that the media just don't get it. Safe to say then that many Americans have been mislead about what the Tea Party thing has been all about. IndianaJane explains better than I ever could. Excerpt (my emphasis):
What they are about is spending. They are about bailouts, whether for Wall Street, GM, or the neighbor down the street who refinanced, bought that big screen, and now can't afford his mortgage and owes more than his house is worth. They are about unbridled spending under the guise of rescuing the economy, and passing an ever-growing debt on to our children. They are about politicians passing spending bills when they don't know what's in them.

They are about concerns that our constitution is being shunted aside by a federal government that insists that states and companies take funds they don't want and that seems almost daily to stretch the limits of its power. They are about the printing of more money, more foreign ownership of our debt, and the devaluation of our currency and inflation that many economists believe is coming.
Precisely. A friend commented that it was a poor choice to connect the Tea Parties to April 15, because the message ended up getting mixed. People aren't upset about taxes per se. They're upset about a level of government spending and interventionism they see as dangerously irresponsible. And then there are the crazies, but if the Left isn't held responsible for their crazies, it's ridiculous to hold us answerable for ours.

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