Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eighty-Second! Patch On My Shoulder! Pack Up Your Chutes and Follow Me! I'm the Airborne Infantry!

It's looking like all my perseverance has finally paid off. Over the weekend, my assignment to Fort Hood disappeared from the assignments website, taunting me with the widely-despised "No Data Available" message, which occasionally heralds changing orders but generally just means system maintenance. This morning, however, I was greatly pleased to see my new assignment to Fort Bragg appear, along with my reservation for the Basic Airborne Course (i.e. "jump school").

So, I'm finally, finally, off to the Airborne for real. I don't actually know for certain yet that I'm headed to the 82nd Airborne Division, despite the famous cadence call of today's title, but I do know I'm going to Bragg, and that I'll be Airborne qualified when I get there. If not the 82nd, Bragg is also home to the 18th Airborne Corps (the echelon above the 82nd) as well as the 3rd Special Forces Group, so it's possible I could be assigned to either of those units as well. 3rd Group -- with its primary responsibility for sub-Saharan Africa -- would without a doubt be a dream assignment in many ways. In general, being assigned in support of the SF is probably the most exciting opportunity available for a soldier of my job and qualifications; more specifically Africa -- and Africans -- hold a certain special place in my heart as well. In any case, it will probably be a matter of a few days or weeks before I find out which specific unit I'm being assigned to at Bragg, but for now I'm already imagining life in North Carolina, and looking forward to it.

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Or, more properly, wooo-hoooooo!!!!!

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