Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ellipsis, Thrice

Okay, so I have my actual assignment now, and I am headed to the 82nd. I'm pretty happy about that, overall, but I wish I hadn't let myself get so excited at the prospect of heading to 3rd Group, because now I feel a little let down. I shouldn't, as I'm intending to have a great time with the 82nd. The way assignments work at the big divisions, the greatest detail I know is that I'm headed to the 1st Brigade replacement company, from which I'll be picked up by whichever unit needs me. As such, there's a good chance I'll spin up with a unit that's already deployed. Which is to say, I could be headed either to the Sandbox or Afghanistan by the end of January. A sobering thought, but not really a frightening one, as such; I did join the Army in wartime, after all. One fairly common question from a certain sort of acquaintance is along the lines of "you do know you might have to go to Iraq, right?", to which my response is an expression conveying something along the lines of "... ... ...". It's right up there with people who ask smokers, "you know those are bad for you, don't you?" as if they half-expect the offending cigarette to be suddenly thrown aside in shocked disgust. Some people (okay, most people) need work on the whole brain/mouth filter mechanism (and I, too, am guilty as charged).

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