Sunday, June 22, 2008

Classic Moments in Soldiering: Hey, Try This!

This exchange came as we scarfed down the goodies out of a care package that had been handed to us as we sat around the chaplain's tent today. We found a bag of peanut butter M&Ms that was already torn open, spilling some into the box, which I snatched and tossed into my mouth.

Me (chewing): Uh, this bag wasn't sealed and these kinda taste like diesel exhaust.
Sgt D (eating): Yeah, definitely diesel exhaust.
Me: So, uh, you gonna stop eating them?
Sgt D (still eating): Hmmmmm, thinkin' about it.

So we stopped eating, but we definitely didn't throw them away, because we had to offer them to anyone who came into the tent. And it wasn't like we were tricking anyone:

Us: Hey, try one of these. They taste like diesel.
Them: Awesome. (tries one). Gross.
Us: Yeah, ain't it?

It's the little things.


Melody said...

A few days ago I made a comment about thoughtful young men like you giving me hope for the future of America. I don't know if I'm feeling betrayed or glad that there's still room for fun ?!
Seriously...I'm glad there's still room for fun. It's not like you guys are surrounded by a surplus of THAT.

Hannah said...

Heh. Waste not, want not?

I have (had) a similar reputation while working in the writing/reading center at my previous college. I would eat pretty much anything off the floor (after wiping off dust, of course), to the chagrin of all my female coworkers. The guys were impressed and sometimes used my quirk to annoy the ladies. Great for vendettas.

Aww, come on, Melody! Gasoline won't hurt unless you drink it, and the counter is, microbiologically speaking, equivalent to the floor. Soil bacteria don't care about making you sick.

Thursday's Child said...

Sahtayn! Although I'd have tossed them out. But then again, I'm a wimp. (And proud of it.)

Rita Loca said...

LOL! we once got a care package on the mission field where the m7m's tasted like the chili powder and the taco shells tasted like the fabric softener for the drier sheets. We tried to eat them anyway but when we had bubbles coming out of our mouths...

Bruce Gee said...

Like those Harry Potter jelly beans my kids were getting for Xmas a few years ago: some tasted like normal jelly beans, some tasted like earwax. Yum.