Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama Speaks on Iran

There it is:
What you're seeing in Iran are hundreds of thousands of people who believe their voices were not heard and who are peacefully protesting and - and seeking justice. And the world is watching. And we stand behind those who are seeking justice in a peaceful way. And, you know, already we've seen violence out there. I think I've said this throughout the week. I want to repeat it that we stand with those who would look to peaceful resolution of conflict, and we believe that the voices of people have to be heard, that that's a universal value that the American people stand for and this administration stands for.
Was that so hard? Thank you, Mr President. (Notwithstanding the classic "as I've said before" Obamism flagging his change of position).

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Elephantschild said...

"I think I've said this throughout the week."

Yeah, and I used to say "I think so" when Dad asked if I'd finished my homework.

Good job on the blog theme. It looks great.