Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Day is Nigh

I used to joke that I wouldn't join the military until I could do so as the pilot of a GFRS (Giant Fighting Robot Suit). Granted, I slipped up on that promise and joined a bit too early, but I've remained excited by the prospect. Me and my buddies in CA even used to jokingly muse about the future Mech Corps and even invented a branch insignia (a sprocket Or on field Sable with crossed lightning bolt Argent and laser beam Crimson, if you can imagine). In any case, as this video shows, it's exciting times in the US military. Who knows, if I stick around long enough, I might just get a chance to reclass to mech pilot after all.

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Shane said...

So I've been on ammo detail for my unit while we're at the range this week, and yeah, that looks like it would help a lot. Those damn ammo cans get really heavy after a while.

But if war ever becomes a video game, then the South Koreans could finally throw of the shackles of military mediocrity and dominate the entire world. Well, maybe those eastern Europeans would give them a run for their money, but Americans wouldn't stand a chance.