Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Want One: USB Bottle Opener

Mike Elgan gives this USB flashdrive/bottle opener the ever-fleeting title of Worst USB Gadget Yet. But this is one of the better ideas out there, if only because you can never have enough of bottle openers built into other tools, particularly if you, like me, drink a lot of imported beer and microbrews. I had a roommate with a bottle opener built into a pair of his sandals, and I probably opened about half the beers I drank in California with his footwear.

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Shane said...

I've owned two pairs of those sandals, and they are probably the most comfortable beach sandals I've ever tried, bottle opener or not. But still, I don't use mine to open bottles, EVER, because if you were to step on dog crap it would probably mush directly onto the metal bottle opener part.

Sadly, I've also used a normal USB memory stick to open a bottle, by opening with the Bic lighter method.