Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So that post I promised last night, well, I'm not going to write it tonight, because we threw a birthday party for a fellow soldier in my platoon, and now I have to go to bed. We've had early work call for various reasons all week. What gives? So maybe tomorrow.

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Bruce Gee said...

Just think what another night of sleep will do for your creative powers of analysis! Because this event is pregnant with analytical potential. I found myself telling my daughter last night, on the way home from the Dylan concert in La Crosse, that the election of Barack Obama as president is, in terms of historical importance, right up there with events such 9/11, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or JFK's asassination. And then I thought to myself, hmmm. Those were all BAD things...

Dylan was great, BTW. As usual, all of his songs had been rearranged for concert, so you don't know what he's singing until about the 65th bar. He was ten minutes into BLOWING IN THE WIND before I caught the words "Hoooooowwww many timmmmmes..." and realized that he had dusted off THAT old cracker. My daughter, all of fourteen, had never heard of the song before. Not a word from ole Bob about Obama, though. That was nice.