Thursday, May 7, 2009

On "Boycotts", Fascism, and the Israel Obsession

If liberal fascism is fascism with a smiley face, this is what liberal Kristallnacht looks like (via PowerLine):

French activists "boycott" Israeli products by clearing a supermarket's shelves of everything labeled "made in Israel". The French have redefined sabotage as a "workers' strike", and now they're redefining destruction of property as a "boycott".

I've got to admit, I don't really get the Israel obsession. Anti-Israel activists assiduously insist that it's the policies of the state of Israel they oppose, and their rage has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. But that argument is increasingly difficult to swallow. If it's the state they oppose, why do "pro-Palestinian" activists always seem to protest outside synagogues and Jewish cultural centers rather than Israeli embassies or consulates? Besides, even if we grant (and I don't!) every argument against the Jewish state, there are unconscionably oppressive regimes and persecuted stateless peoples all over the world. Pro-Tibet rallies aren't anywhere nearly as anti-Chinese as pro-Palestinian demonstrations are anti-Jewish (zombie has an interesting comparison here).

Most neglected of all, of course, are the world's unluckiest: those anonymous multitudes who have the misfortune of being oppressed by "leaders" from among their own number. I speak primarily of Africa, where colonialism never really ended, but was handed from reasonably competent foreign colonialists to incompetent local colonialists. It's crimespeak to say it of course, but even in the darkest days of Apartheid, black South Africans were better off than their northerly neighbors now are under Mugabe. World opinion rightly condemned the Apartheid regime; why are we so much more comfortable when the oppressors look like the oppressed?


Elephantschild said...
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Elephantschild said...

why are we so much more comfortable when the oppressors look like the oppressed?

Because then we in the affluent West can slide the guilt off our shoulders and wash our hands of the responsibility.

Makes me mad enough to spit.

Shane said...

To answer the earlier part of your post, it brings up some of the problem I once alluded to when discussing the original Boston Tea Party. Trespass and property destruction should be treated as property crimes, and obviously not as free speech.

Also, 3 topics for one post! What are we commenters to do?

Anonymous said...

The Apartheid State of Israel: a Jew is sentenced to death for selling land to the Palestinians and the world is silent.

Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake said...

MuslimsAgainstSharia: thanks for the visit, the comment, and your blog!