Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek 2.0

The new Star Trek was far better than I expected. Far better than it had any right to be, really. I don't think the experience would be improved by reading reviews beforehand, but if you must, Peter Suderman's got a solid review over at Reason, and Jonah Goldberg's got a positive but somewhat curmudgeonly opinion at National Review (with spoilers!). Jonah's a stickler for internal consistency, and I'm not, so most of his negative comments didn't really bother me. One thing that does stay consistent throughout the Star Trek canon is the bizarro rank structure of Federation Starfleet, in which the top handful of ship's officers are regularly required to undertake away missions requiring hand-to-hand combat. Jonah comments:
I always wanted to write an SNL skit called “What if Gene Roddenberry Wrote World War II.” The whole war would involve Churchill and FDR karate chopping or neck-pinching their way across Europe, all the way to Hitler’s bunker, where FDR and Hitler would find it necessary to fight in a gladiatorial pit with long spears.


Melody said...

I love the quote, would have had to have been Patton and Hitler.
1) FDR couldn't stand, much less fight, gladiatorial style or any other style, for that matter
2) Patton had already fought for ancient Rome, so he would be familiar with the equipment
3) And he would have had the...chutzpah to pull an Indiana Jones and whip out a gun; it would also give him the opportunity to "personally shoot that paper-hanging son-of-a" well, I'm a mom. You know the quote.

Robert Elart Waters said...

da dah DAH DAH DAH DAH duh DAH duh...

Bruce Gee said...

Yeah, fun movie, and Jonah needs to get a sense of humor. Was that the female doc Cameron from HOUSE playing Kirk's mom?