Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Bad Bad: Iranian Base at the Gate of Tears

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak claims that "Iran wants to devour the Arab world". I wouldn't likely be quite so dramatic myself, but the Persians have historically considered themselves the rightful hegemon of the greater Middle East. The Egyptians for their part have considered themselves a sort of "first among equals" of the Arab nations, at least since the time of Nasser, so it doesn't seem out of place for Mubarak to be especially sensitive to Iranian moves on his turf. Then the Iranians go and establish a garrison at the region's second-most strategic naval chokepoint (of course, they already have full control of the most strategic of all). I'm not sure Iran wants to devour the Arab world, but she's sure positioning herself to strangle it.


Bruce Gee said...

Just about the time they're ready to make their move, however, their economy is going to implode and they'll have their hands full just militarily containing their own people.

I hope.

Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake said...

I hope so, too.

Oh, and the Russians are poking around the Panama Canal as well. Ya know, just admiring the scenery, I'm sure.