Sunday, December 7, 2008

I See No Downside

There are something like 5 million feral hogs running rampant in the United States. They are a nuisance and an environmental threat. All I'm getting out of that is that nobody will defend their precious animal rights when we process them into 50,000 tons of sweet delicious bacon (figuring an average of 20 lbs per farm-raised pig, which is probably conservative when applied to wild hogs). So am I right or am I right?


Elephantschild said...

Feral hogs? Good heavens. Fry up those babies, posthaste.

Jane said...

Sounds good to me. Really, really good.

Elephantschild said...

Come to think of it, how does pot-bellied pig taste, I wonder?

Shane said...

I do hear that wild pork tastes better than the stuff that American industrial agriculture has bred into "the other white meat."

Anyway, hunting is far more humane than pretty much any other source of meat, so game on. Texas allows unlimited hunting/trapping of wild hogs (with license), I believe. They're intelligent enough for it to be a challenge - which means we'd probably be unable to eradicate the population even if we tried.

So yeah, I don't see a downside either. Maybe I'll go hunting in Texas myself.

Jane said...

The pigs we get are pasture raised with a generous portion of that pasture being woods. The meat is darker, more flavorful, and far healthier.

I bet those wild pigs would taste really good. :)