Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LHC Dangers, Pt. II

Shane alerted me to yet another reason to fear the Large Hadron Collider: apparently, Gordon Freeman works at CERN! For those not big into video games, Dr. Gordon Freeman is the protagonist of the extremely popular Half-Life series of games, in which researchers at a secretive facility accidentally open a rift in space-time, allowing montrous inter-dimensional life forms to break through onto Earth. Kind of a spooky parallel, no? I'll be scanning the news for any suspicious reports out of Switzerland in the next few days.

UPDATE: Apparently one of the villains of the game has been spotted in the CERN publicity spots as well!

Wierd. Eerie.


Shane said...

You need to edit this post to add this picture, which is possibly too good to be true:

I never played the game but I'm told this guy is a bad guy in Half Life.

Shane said...

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