Sunday, October 19, 2008

Damned If You Do

Randall Munroe paints the bitter truth in XKCD:


Shane said...

I buy legit from Amazon. Not all my downloads, mind you, but many. Sometimes it's more worth it to have the backing of Amazon's reputation on the quality of not only the audio but also the metadata.

I lost access to about $50 worth of iTunes music back in college and vowed never again.

My current MP3 player, the Sansa Connect, has been crippled by involuntary firmware upgrades related to the failure of Yahoo! Music. Basically the wireless download functionality of the player has been taken away because it was locked into one music vendor, and when that vendor shut down they thought it better to change it so that the mp3 player wouldn't even bother looking for Yahoo music.

And while messages like this are good, I feel like putting it on a geeky CC-licensed webcomic is already preaching to the choir.

Shane said...

Oh, and that's Amazon mp3, not physical cds. They are the only DRM-free store with the major labels and a good Linux client. I sometimes buy indie stuff from Emusic as well, which is also DRM-free with a good Linux client.

Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake said...

I'm a big fan of Amazon's service. It's really the best answer out there. Because the thing is, I'm happy to pay a reasonable price for an album I actually want, so long as I know that it's actually mine to keep. And I'm more than happy to pay just $1 for a single hit when I don't much care for the rest of the album.

As to preaching to the choir, yeah, you're right. There's just the hope that we'll spread the message to less-geeky associates. Which is why I'm posting this for all the Lutheran homeschooling moms who read my blog ;)

Jane said...

And this is one Lutheran homeschooling mom who appreciates it. I was completely clueless about any of this. I'm going to have to do some more reading on it. Thanks!