Sunday, September 23, 2007


It's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! In celebration, I'm going to go wash my car. It's completely encrusted in bugs from driving to San Antonio and back (where I actually celebrated my birthday with activities considerably more fun than car-washing). Perhaps after evening church I will go get some ice cream at Marble Slab (whose chilled stone slab is, ironically, granite).

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elephantschild said...

Happy Birthday - a day late. Ah well. Two dozen is a nice, round number. Much nicer than, say, 26, which is a number that really doesn't belong anywhere. When I was 26 I thought it strange and decided I'd rather be 27. So we'll just say I was 27 for two years. This year was the third anniversary of my eleventh birthday, and I'm sticking with that. Next year I'll be 35, since 34 is also a not a very good number.

-Signed, your superior older sister, probably nuts, perhaps bonkers, and definitely tending towards wordiness today.