Monday, September 3, 2007

Yet Another TLA (Three-Letter Acronym)

Tomorrow we head out to the field for our big final week of field training exercises (FTX) which culminates our course here, as well as our tenure in Initial Entry Training (IET) status. In general, I'm looking forward to the FTX. I hear that the cadre who run it do a very good job with the exercises, so it should be good training for us, particularly for those of us heading to tactical units and -- sooner rather than later -- to Iraq. The last week or so of train-up has been a lot of fun, and the other soldiers we'll be out there with are a pretty interesting bunch, so I'm sure I'll have some good stories when I get back. In any case, I'll be out of touch the rest of this week (not that I'm all that in-touch, generally).

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elephantschild said...

THX for the H-U. CU when U G.B.