Sunday, September 23, 2007

My First Blogging Award

Word has it, via Cheryl at A Round Unvarnish'd Tale, that I am a Thinking Blogger. I am very much honored by this nomination, particularly because I'm rather new to this. Now that I have documentation that someone besides my superior older sister is reading my posts, I'm starting to feel a bit more pressure to perform, or at least to post more often.

The conditions of this tag state that I must now tag four previously unnominated blogs that make me think; sadly, I fear I can't complete that task. See, part of my slow start blogging myself has been because I have precious little time to read others' blogs, either. As it stands, all my regular reads are already Thinking Bloggers, so I don't have anyone to tag right now. Oh well.

I really do wish I had more time for reading and posting, but it seems Uncle Sam has finally decided to get his money's worth out of me; my current course of instruction is the most time-intensive I've dealt with since Basic Training. I do sit in front of a Web-connected workstation, however, and I'm sorely tempted to surf during class. As of now, I generally pore over satellite imagery of Baghdad, convincing myself that it's relevant to my job to have a good sense of the city's layout.

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At least, it's certainly more relevant than the sort of material favored by the Marine who sits next to me.

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elephantschild said...

I be kammando kitty! Bak down, bad 'Meruhkin!