Thursday, January 15, 2009

Modernizing Monopoly

I'm a big fan of Monopoly. It was one of our favorite board games when we were kids, and our introduction to the principles of legalism and bureaucracy as we were forced to negotiate the ever-shifting "house rules" in our friends' homes. Sadly, however, the classic game has begun to lack in verisimilitude, so why not update it with some new Chance and Community Chest cards, as suggested by Radio Free New Jersey:
  • Your Property is seized through Eminent Domain. Give your most expensive property to the player to your right.
  • Homeowner Lending Bailout: You must buy the cheapest property the bank holds and give it to the player with the least cash.

  • Government Job! Collect $100 from the next player to pass GO.

  • Spotted Owl Found! You are charged for environmental impact studies. All new houses will cost you double the original price.


Elephantschild said...

It would be pretty easy to fake-up those cards and slip them into someone's game.

Bruce Gee said...

My favorite MONOPOLY story is set during War Two, when the British makers of the Monopoly game printed up maps and inserted real money in the sealed game boxes that were then delivered, via the Red Cross, to American and British prisoners of war. The maps were pertinent to the locations the games were sent to. There were compasses hidden in game pieces. Ingenuity born of desperation.